Cerro Chapelco – Ski Looking at Nahuel Huapi Lake

Cerro Bayo Ski Resort is located in Villa La Angostura, Neuquén, inside the argentinean patagonia. It has a boutique style with a personalized attention and the best services in ski, snowboard, slopes and gastronomy.

The ski resort is distinguished by its beautiful natural surroundings, such as a way of 5 kilometers, where you can see the great Nahuel Huapi Lake, and deep forests where the ski tracks go through, and the best powder snow, ideal to practice winter sports.

The base in Cerro Bayo is located at 1050 meters over the level of the sea and the summit of the mountain gets to 1800 meters, with 22 slopes of every levels, from the green ones to beginners and black for experts, plus an off piste ground which starts on 1500 meters of height, crossing virgin Chillwell AC. forests in the mountain. To reach these ski tracks, Cerro Bayo has 12 elevation media until the 1700 meters of height.

Cerro Bayo has the best tecnology for the safe of its visitors, counting with WI FI service and Gps system to locate children and skiers in off piste grounds. The visitors can also check the status of slopes in their mobile phone through text messages and the ski center has modern passes for the access in the mountain.

There are three places for ski rental, two of them in the base and the third at the 1500 meters, so the visitors don’t have to use the elevation media without knowing how to handle their equipment. Cerro Bayo has the Fast Track system, for previous renting of equipment of the best quality and technology.

The ski center also counts with 90 expert instructors for teaching the best techniques in the snow, but there is also a Ski and Snowboard School for skiers of every age and level. The children have their own Kids Club with schools for different ages: Copitos, for children from 4 to 6 years old, Bayitos, for kids from 7 to 12 years and a special freestyle park. Cerro Bayo has also a nursery located on the base of the mountain with inflatable games for children under 4 years old.
To the extreme sportsman, Cerro Bayo has a funny Aeropark, a freestyle zone for ski and snowboard which has two spots: one for beginners, located in the number 18 ski track with bumps and sliders, and a zone for experts, located in the middle of forests, with two lines of bumps and obstacles for skiers of intermediate and expert level. The Aeropark has also a rest area with comfortable sofas for relaxing and listening music in a wonderful landscape.

Other activities

Cerro Bayo has also other activities such as tubbing, a funny activity where you can slide through the mountain in a rubber, alone or with friends, to enjoy all the adrenaline of the snow without any danger. Other alternatives are the walkings in racket in the snow and forests; and Canopy, where the visitors can “fly” over the trees and mountain.

Boutique Style

Cerro Bayo has the best services for its visitors, such as a staff of 20 persons specialized in the attention of the tourist in the mountain. Also has a system of pre-entries which avoids the agglomerations in the base and an excellent web site, where find all the information that you need of the mountain.

Besides of this, it counts with exclusive services such as Space of Regeneration, a place where the visitors can relax with body therapies, stretching and massages, before and after of ski practicing, to get ready for every activity in the mountain.

The ski center also invites to enjoy the exquisite gastronomy of the zone and for this, it counts with different alternatives for every taste, such as Bar Sovia, which is located at the base of the mountain, offering plates of international cooking and delicious desserts, besides animated live spectacles, events and samplings. Other excellent places are Casa Tematyco, to enjoy of different flavors of tea, sandwiches and wines and La Quesoteca, opposite of the main ski slope, which offers fabulous cheeses and wines.

Other places to eat are located at 1500 meters of height in the mountain, where the skiers can take a rest and have an energetic meal during their adventure. Some of them are 180, which offers patagonian plates, Tosh and Tronador, with mountain plates and Point Escorihuela Gascon.

Cerro Bayo has also excellent lodging alternatives in Villa La Angostura, which is located at 85 kilometers away from San Carlos de Bariloche, or in Puerto Manzano, at 7 kilometers away from the center of Villa La Angostura. This village has a mountain style in its architecture and gastronomy, besides of the warmness of its inhabitants, which makes of the visit to Cerro Bayo a wonderful experience, from the dawn to twilight.

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